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Can you recondition a car battery?

Firstly it depends if the manufacturer designed the battery to be reconditioned.

If the battery can be reconditioned then it is just a matter of obtaining the manual of the battery and then using the steps to recondition it.

The batteries I worked with were pretty simple and I think most car batteries are generally the same only difference is most car batteries didn’t seem to have ease of access to the cells.

If I remember correctly there are 3 major components.

The case of the battery, each of the individual cells, and the insulation.

The case contains the cells and bonds the cells to the ground.

The cells are wired in series. They provide electricity and are whats to be reconditioned. Some type of solution.

Insulation keeps the cells from shorting ( an unintended path for the electricity).

Once you put a new solution into each cell, you must properly reassemble the battery and you should have a reconditioned battery.

BUT I think I must stress that if there is no manual from the manufacturer of the battery for doing this, you will void the integrity of the battery. Meaning you could kill yourself or someone else.

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