Red & Black Battery Terminal Connector


  • 【Material】: magnesium-aluminum alloy
  • 【Easy Recognize】:Red(+) & Black(-),easy to recognize positive & negative,and directly connect on each terminal
  • 【Application】: battery top post, side post adapters, charging posts.truck, marine, and most vehicle battery terminals
  • 【Package Number】:1 pair(include positive and negative)


1 pair Black & Red Battery Terminal Clamp Clips Connector Specification:

Color: Black+Red
Material: magnesium-aluminum alloy
Red(+)Size: Approx 5.5cm*3.7cm*2cm/2.16in*1.45in*0.78in
Black(-)Size: Approx 5.5cm*3.7cm*2cm/2.16in*1.45in*0.78in
Red(+) Post Diameter: Approx 17~19mm/0.66in~0.74in
Black(-) Post Diameter: Approx 16~17mm/0.62in~0.66in

Package Includes:

1 pair Battery Terminal Clamp Clips Connector


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