Brass Positive Negative Battery Terminal Connector


-1 Positive (19mm) battery terminal + 1 Negative (17mm) battery terminal. The diameter of the screw is 3/8”
-CORROSION RESISTANT: Brass battery terminal and stainless steel fasteners provide excellent corrosion resistance to battery acid and marine environments
-WIDE APPLICATION: can be installed on cars, boats, trucks, and other kinds of devices.
-FITMENT: The battery terminal connector is suitable for 17-19mm positive post and 15-17mm negative post.
-SAFETY: Positive post is wider than the negative. Marked: “+” as Positive,”-“as Negative.


Positive Terminal Connector: 19mm
Negative Terminal Connector: 17mm
The diameter of Stud: 3/8 inch(9.5mm)
Package Include: 1*positive battery terminal and connector + 1*negative battery terminal connector

Brass & Stainless Steel (stud and bolts)
Brass is a special metal material with high strength, high hardness, and strong chemical corrosion resistance. In addition to this, it has good electrical conductivity and longer product life than ordinary copper.

The Positive size is wider than the Negative. Simply select cable length and cable lug mounting hole diameter for cable ends. They are suitable for 17-19mm battery positive, 15-17mm battery negative.

It can be used for battery extension, parallel connection, and ground connection. The auto battery terminal connectors is usually used in Boat-Small yacht RV Camper Truck Car Vehicle Automobiles Campers ATV UTV battery banks and other devices.

Easy to Install
Thread already on the terminal, no nuts to make it faster and easier on Installation. Even if you don’t have a wrench, it’s easy to tighten nut and bolt.

Package Includes:
1 pair Battery Terminal Clamps Connectors

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