Battery Terminal Connector BTCC-1617


-Quantity:2 pcs( 1 Positive+1 Negative).
-Made from brass casting, longer product life than ordinary copper.
-Voltage: 12 and 24 V, Screw Thread: M8.
-Red wing nut:0.7inch, Black wing nut 0.65 inches.
-Corrosion resistant, conductive properties, easy to wire.


Brass Battery Terminal Clamp Features:
1.made of high-quality brass .electrical conductivity to reduce voltage distortion, reduce the transmission power loss.
2.The battery can be used for a longer time. And it can be used to a wide temperature range.
3.Simply tighten around the post of your standard battery.
4.Color coded coated wing nuts for added convenience. Wingnuts feature superior performance, wiring is convenient, and the connection is firm
5.Can use on vehicles, cars, trucks, SUV, boats, marine applications

Total Size: Approx, 56x35x28mm(2.20×1.38×1.10inch)
Quantity: 1Pair (1x Positive + 1x Negative)
(Red)+ Inner Diameter: 19mm(0.748inch)
(Black)- Inner Diameter: 17mm(0.669inch)

1Pair (1x Positive + 1x Negative) Brass Battery Terminal Clamp


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