50A DC Circuit Breaker with Manual Reset


-Power Rating: 50 ampere Manual Reset Circuit Breaker
-Accepts direct connection of 0/2/4/8 gauge power wire with included adapters with all 12, 24 Volt Systems
-Use as an alternative to fusing holders and fuses, High-tech water-resistant housing with protective rubber bolt caps
-Stops Power Surges From Damaging Your Amps, Protects Your Trolling Motor From Electrical Damage
-These panel or firewall mount circuit breakers feature a unique push-button reset which can also be used as a kill switch


1.Net weight: 193g
2.Voltage: 12-24V DC
3.Size: 2.63in (L) x 1.96in (W) x 1.37in (H)
3.Material: Plastic and metal
5. Suit gauge wire: 0-4 AWG
6. Work Temperature: -10C to 50C (-14F to 122F).
7. Current load VS time tripping: 100% VS 20-180s; 150% VS 6-40s; 200% 4-25s

Suitable for car audio/video system, Boat, trucks, buses, RV’s, ATV Winches and marine and DC sound amplifier system overload protection.

Please Note:
1. Please correctly push the button to avoid damage to the Circuit Breaker.
2. Please order and use the Circuit Breaker with right work temperature, to avoid it is to heat and stop work.

Package includes:
1x 50A Circuit Breaker Car Audio Inline Fuse

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