2000W 12VDC 110VAC Pure Sine Wave Inverter Charger


    -The pure sine wave inverter is a combination of an inverter, battery charger, and AC auto-transfer switch into one complete system with a peak conversion efficiency of 88%. Professional solution for the mobile power supply.
    -Adjustable Charging Current: The max charge current can be adjusted from 0%-100% via a liner switch at the right of the battery type selector. This will be helpful if you are using our powerful charger on a small capacity battery bank. Choosing 0 in the battery type selector will disable the charging function. Choosing 9 to make this inverter charger to suit to your Lithium Battery Bank.
    -Auto Switch when utility AC input: When the vehicle is parked and the external AC input is connected, the inverter will automatically to shore power to power the working appliances, at the same time to charge the battery.
    -Uninterrupted Power Supply: When the inverter switch between Shore Power and the Battery, all the working devices will not be shut down. No needs to turn off the loads.


    Output Power: 2000 w
    Surge Power:6000 w
    Output Voltage: 120v ±5%
    Output Frequency:50/60hz±0.5%
    Output Waveform:True sine wave(THD<3%)
    Power Factor:0.9-1

    Voltage Range:10-16VDC
    DC Input Voltage:12VDC

    AC Charger:
    AC Input voltage :90-135VAC
    DC Output voltage:Fast(14.0-15.1v) ,Float(13.3-13.8v)
    Charger Current: 80A/40A/25A

    AC Bypass:
    Transfer time:<8ms
    Input Vot Waveform: Utility AC or Generator( sine wave )
    Max bypass current: 25A

    Control&Signal :
    Remote Control (optionbal): PTM-12
    DIP Switches:Charger Current, O/P Frequency, AC Output Voltage,AC/DC priority
    Network Function: Standalone or TCP/IP Optional
    Battery type: Manual Optional
    Dry Con Terminal: By relay

    Input Under-Voltage Protection
    Input Under-Voltage Alarm
    Input Over-Voltage Protection
    Output Overload
    Output Short
    DC Input Reverse Polarity


    Kitchen appliances, Industrial equipment, Office equipment, Household, Home entertainment

    Additional information

    Weight35 kg
    Output Voltage

    120v ±5%

    Output Frequency


    Output Waveform

    pure sine wave


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